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harbaugh, and his brother john harbaugh who is a head coach of the baltimore ravens. >> we have several crews who are live in new orleans for us this week. we will not check-in with will tran. >> the opposing coaches will have a news conference and if you think that one person has a better than imagine both of them going at it. this should be fun and this is what we are ready for perry ed this is muss see tv. this is why you see all of these cameras. the media is still arriving. i called up with a player from the dallas cowboys. >> thises jason would send. there have been times when he had ever ran around with the niners and the ravens. if anyone should know them better than the france is him, right? >> you play a the ravens this year and the niners last year. what is your prediction? >> i think they are both super teams. they both have a lot of the motion. i think the niners will pull it off. i am going with the niners. >> are you surprised with caprine ikaepernick? >> their defense is solid! >> the niners are favored to win and they have never lost a super bowl. the niners will still
:30, another press conference will be held in new orleans. coaches jim and john harbaugh are expected to speak this morning. kron four's will tran is also live from new orleans with the latest on what's happening down there just days before the super bowl. we'll be checking in with him at 4:30. in preparation for the super bowl, the niners practiced outside yesterday for the first time in new orleans. and the baltimore ravens were briefly right nearby. the niners practice overlapped for 10 minutes with the ravens, although drapes from local merchants were used to separate the practices and ensure privacy. coach jim harbaugh credited the collaborative effort to quote ""cooperating sprits."" practice has been held inside at tulane university the last few days due to weather conditions. linebackers aldon smith and ahmad brooks were limited in practice for the second day with shoulder injuries. >> and we all know that when the raven and the niners play each other on sunday, their coaches will make n-f- l history. melissa raney has more on the story behind the brothers. >> this sunday, tens of boun
. is giving $350 million of his alma mater, johns hopkins university. a hundred million of that is earmarked for financial aid for students in need. bloomberg is given more than a billion dollars to the school since he graduated in the mid- 1960s. he is believed to be the first person to give $1 billion to a single u.s. university. >> we will be back with more on the >> we're back at 4:18. in national news secretary of state hillary clinton has said she is not planning to run in the 2016 presidential election. but that is not stopping supporters from hoping she does. >> senator dianne feinstein of california toll see in a state of the union she firmly in that camp. i think she has accomplished and in a record. >> i think she has unbridled popularity. she has a total knowledge of all the issues. she has served in dissented. i would love if she would run. >> she is not alone. >> and other senators echoed that sentiment during last week's congressional hearings on the benghazi attacked. when she told clinton she would be missed but hopefully not for long. we will see what happens. >> for both d
john will arrive in your month later on today. shop years there to kron4, we have cute babies and girlfriends and you name it we have it. we can also go through facebook and winter as well -- twitter. every press coverage this afternoon at 130. keep your eye on kron4 for that as well as facebook and twitter. >> the set is scheduled to vote today on more than $50,000,000,000.80 to northeastern states it battered last october's super storm sandy. the senate approved a 60 billion aid package for the hard-hit region in late december. house speaker john boehner scrap the vote on the bill before the clock ran out on congress last january 1st. >> the new this morning federal investigators as saying the 787 that experienced a battery fire earlier this month was delivered to japan air lines less than three weeks before the fire. the national as adjacent ward says the plane only recorded 169 flight hours and 22 flights when the fire erupted in one of the airlines to lithium ion batteries on january 7th. the fire occurred at logan address all airport shortly after the plane landed. a sec
you can see them lining up. he took some time now to praise his brother john harbaugh 4 we will face off against. >> he is a great coach. he is very talented. i think i am have a coach that he is. i might be a little bit generous because i have less experience than he has. i have less playoff experience is etc.. we know the this is a task ahead of us. >> there were some controversy comments. now media day did not come out without some controversy a commons. one of the most talked about was fun niners wide receiver randy moss. moss used to be a star, but has not had a big role says he has to join the niners this year. still mall seems to think that he is the best receiver to ever play the game of football. >> this is what happens when you get hit in your head a lot. >> but you can ask these guys so many questions that they start to say stupid pig. >> . ito cam this long to realize how fabulous did. southeast google was bound to come out. >> tomorrow bay area news. a former employee faa tiburon catholic school will be in court today. he is charged with sex crimes against a former stude
person. >> for today's health minute i'm nick valencia. >> john progress is introducing legislation to expand health care in california under the federal affordable care act. -- expand medicaid he says it would expand the health care program for the poor to include more than 1 million additional people. >> the cost of covering the additional recipients is still on known, but would be paid for by federal government as part of the help of all. health-care providers filed a lawsuit to block the state's custom medicaid reimbursement rates and announced an escalation of their legal fight. more than 7 million californians do not have health insurance. >> san jose will vote today on an environmental plan that would protect habitat for endangered species while still allowing development. the habitat conservation plan is an attempt to balance conservation of construction over the next 50 years. >> if approved, the plan would affect almost 60 percent of the county, and raise $665 million, mostly from developer fees, government agencies, state and federal grants and private donations. the plan
for their team photo in new orleans yesterday. harbaugh took some time out yesterday to press his brother, john we will face off against in just a few days and superbowl 47. >> i don't have the experience he does and the playoff appearances etc.. we know the task and great challenge ahead of us. >> media day yesterday did not come without controversy of commons. one of the most talked about was the 49ers why receiver randy moss. he used to be a star, but has not had a big role since he has joined the niners this year. still moss thinks he's the best receiver to play the game. >> i think now that i am older i do think i am the greatest receiver to ever do it. i did not live on numbers i live on impact and what you are able to do on the field. i think i am the greatest receiver to ever play this can. >> if your jerry rice you would beg to differ. >> i think i will get something going with gary. let's do it rice vs. moss. go to our face book page or go to our web site for the latest updates. within the hour with the press conference will take it live here on the kron 4 morning news and a
with, carry underwood, elton john, and miranda lambert. >>ta>yloreylore swift. ca rrie underwood. >> still ahead 49ers cornerback cris culliver is in some hot water after he made anti-gay comments on a radio show. details on what he said, coming up. >> currently 42 degrees forming up to 66 letter to thaater today. 0ñ@Ñ >> 4:30 is a time. stories we're following. cornerback cris culliver makes anti-gay comments to a radio host. he's set to address them at a press conference will bring it to you live. >> chevron gets slapped with a huge fine for a fire that sent thousands of people to the hospital. more on that in a moment. we're watching weather and traffic as well. >> and as a check of the one with erica a couple of minutes. we do want to get to the latest doors were following particularly the 49ers approaching the superbowl. >> will tran is live in new orleans. >> will use loud yesterday morning. your ride yesterday afternoon. how does it feel? beatin it is \ / \ / \ / \ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / >> it is cold here but the enthusiasm is high. >> i am at the team hotel. >> colin
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8